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Tools, Riffs & References - Spatulas

Updated: Nov 22, 2021


Ohhh do I love a good kitchen tool. Not so much a gadget albeit I have a few of those as well, but a good kitchen tool that’s earned its place…that’s what rocks Hear in My Kitchen.

Let me wax for a minute about spatulas or “spats”. In the culinary world where we have flippers, offsets, and flats in a variety of materials or substrates, know this…growing up, we had one. It was called the pancake turner, used for…turning pancakes as well as french toast, those burgers my mother made in lieu of the more popular fast food ones that we really wanted as kids, fried fish and anything else that required flipping or turning.

My big spatula “come up” was attached to purchasing kitchen tools for my first apartment after college with my first credit card. It was a JCPenny card, and I tried to burn a hole through what was probably a $250.00 limit. To accompany the non-stick pans I was purchasing, I had to buy the appropriate and very modern plastic spatula that wouldn’t scratch the pan and would last 1000 years aka, outlive the pan, which it did. An some point I knew the material would no longer meet standards, government issued or otherwise, so we too, had to part ways.

Fast forward to the 21st century. My long ago “come up” was just a baby step. The 8 spatulas I’m willing to share that I own, are works of art and science.

One is an elongated semi flexible plastic version that with its friend and harder substrate version, both appropriate for non-stick pans (don’t worry I leveled up on those as well), create the best balance when turning over large or floppy items.

The next is the authentic and very metal “Fish Spat”. It does exactly what it says it does with its slotted beautiful self. Okay I have two of them, one is not pictured…and it’s also a balance thing when turning large items (I swear). In the same family, the elongated silicone ”Fish Spat” that I own can dance with the metal ones when needed. except when really hot oil is in play, but as its own thing…is a thing of beauty.

The wooden spatulas are my go to for sauteing. Light, easy, straight no chaser, they get the job done and yes I often saute 2 separate items as one time…so I need both or 4 but who’s counting.

Lastly my two special red friends that I use often for eggs and omelets, are small, magical, with one having a double end. So along with the stunning color, the contribution to the egg making game gives each a reason for being.

So in conclusion, I’ve fessed up to 11 spatulas for cooking (versus mixing or spreading), and yes I use them all. A far cry from the that one pancake turner…I do have one of those as well, oh darn, I gave it away, I’m up to 12. What time is it ?

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