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Helping to move humanity (someone/something) forward via food be it in preparing, teaching or sharing, as I believe we can heal ourselves and our spirits through food, is my intention.


Blessed with a 25 plus year international corporate career, reflecting various levels of leadership as well as brand and talent growth, transitioning to Culinary Arts has allowed me to utilize the joy of exploration, teaching and enhancing growth in and with others, in ways that pay homage to those who have given me their time, talent and most of all, their love.


Be it at the apron strings of my Nana “Esther”, or shoulder to hip, heart to heart with my Godmother “Clarissa”, both of who inspired me to stand tall and walk forward in pursuing my dreams, in this next phase of my journey, I want to try and do more of that in an impactful way for others.


The Story of...

What are those stories, those memories, those moments that conjure up amazing smells, incredible tastes, a great meal, that time when…

HereInMyKitchen, Gracious & Good is where I'll share a little sumpin’ sumpin’ that connects to, a particular ingredient or elements of a meal, be it when I fell in love with Falafel, my brothers love of Italian food, or the heart print moments made by Ma (Clarissa) and Nana (Esther) as I nestled up to them shoulder to hip. They created all kinds of goodness in their kitchens, making those pots talk. Ok, sometimes I just sat and ate, but you feel me.


All that to say, Gracious & Good is where we can remind ourselves, when we are in our kitchens, we are not there alone. We bring to the cutting board, the pan and the table, all of those memories, real, enhanced and imagined, built on the love of good food. 


Let's Get Real, Very Real

The truth is, you know how to cook, you love to cook, you do your thing in your way and it works…everytime. But evvvvery now and again, you dig learning something new. It could be a small thing like how to make beautiful blond Garlic Chips, other times it's how to properly sear, scallops or oxtails prior to braising (and what braising anyway?).


HereInMyKitchen, with "Level Up" dishes, there will be a focus on techniques and cooking methods, that lead to that moment, when you look at what you have accomplished in your kitchen and say with a wink and a smile, yeah that’s right…I did that. 


It's What's Up

Your blanching and saute-ing are on point, your slice mushroom game is stellar, but what if those green beans you are blanching are long beans, and what if the mushrooms are not only sliced button or baby portobellas, but wild mushrooms full of texture and flavor. Yeah, that’s what Im talking about.


HereInMyKitchen, we will share dishes that take that next step in pushing the culinary experience, often using everyday items. Thats...Whats Up. 


Get All The Good, Good

Peel to Fruit, Flower to Stem and beyond, HereInMyKitchen, it is an intention to share dishes that utilize every part of the food, that makes its way in the door, be it from a local farmer selling seasonal product or a neighborhood grocery store.


Those broccoli and cauliflower stems make the most amazing soft tortillas and breakfast cups. The chicken bones combined with vegetables, fresh garlic and onions (including the skin)…net broth like nobody's business. The purple flowers of the chive plant, yearn to be utilized as they impart a subtle chive flavor and a pop of color to any dish, that will make your eyes smile.


With an intention to leave No Food Left Behind, even a blueberry pie test gone left, we can agree, food is precious.


Through food we can heal ourselves, our spirit and others. ‘Nuff said. 

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