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SWT Blueberry Pie Shooters

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Themes - Gracious and Good, No Food Left Behind

Food/Tech Tie In – Creating a New Dish from a Misstep, Layering Components

Now did you make two pies? Or perhaps you have some left overs. Cooked or uncooked, if this is you, I got you.

Not that this dish has to be an outcome of those things, it can be an intention, but HereInMyKitchen, mine alas, came out of a not quite on the mark pie. Yeahhh sometimes even the seasoned and trained, have missteps, like a test pie filling that wouldn't set properly. But Im not talkin’ about nobody (I know its me), as my lens says…when a misstep occurs, it often creates an opportunity for a new dish, like SWT Blueberry Pie Shooters !!! Jazz hands y'all!!

I de-constructed the pie for the SWT Blueberry Pie filling recipe test, by removing the lattice top (there was no way I was wasting all of that buttery goodness), scooping out the filling, (cooking it down a little further), and scraping off the part of the bottom crust that had come in contact with the blueberries (I discarded that last part, mushy as it was), saving the cooked crusty bottom. I put them all in the fridge overnight, so they could think about what they had done! The next day I…I mean they…had a new attitude.

A few mins in the oven for the liberated crust to get a bit of crunchiness back, crumbled when cooled...that was all that was needed for it to join the cast of components that would be layered into a shot glass (filling, crumbled crust, fresh whipped cream, more crumbled crust, garnished with lemon peel, candied if you want to get fancy) … looking all stylish and everything for its photo shoot.

It’s a completely different mouthfeel from the pie and some would say a great option, if you just want “a taste” of some SWT Blueberry Pie goodness. Jazz Hands for real!!!🤗

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