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SWT Blueberry Pie Filling

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Food/Tech Tie In – Fruit Pie Filling

The first food memory I have with my BFF Renata is fruit pie. I don’t know if we ate a whole pie or if she told me she had, but it led to efforts over our many years of friendship, living many states and two countries, to make variations thereof.

My favorite, which is also one of the easiest to make, is blueberry pie, homemade crust and all. HereInMyKitchen, I bake one with a slight twist (or two), and miles of smiles abound.

So wash your blueberries, grab your crust (I suggest my FREE "Everybody’s Pie Crust” recipe from the website,) the SWT Blueberry Pie Filling recipe, and lets ride this fruit pie ride, BFF in tow and all.

By The Way…it never hurts to make two. You know, one you…for er’body else. Just Sayin’

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