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Soft Cauliflower Taco Wraps

Themes - Gracious and Good, No Food Left Behind, Level Up -

Food/Tech Tie In: Cauliflower Ricing, Steaming, Creating Wraps -

Homage - New York Times Food Section

As a child, cauliflower was not high on my list of things to eat. Mine had to be smothered in sharp cheddar cheese for me to ingest it. Even then, its was sometimes, too hard, mushy or may have included a piece of the core which no amount of cheese was going to pardon.

Fast forward a few decades, its now one of my favorite vegetables and local to me in North Carolina. Here In My Kitchen, I rice it, roast it and on occasion steam it, core and er'thing . Its exciting (Im still taking about Cauliflower) to explore new ways to evolve, the texture, taste and the end product, to reflect the various cuisines I so enjoy.

If you are down, it will "stretch" your skills, as this takes a little work, but its worth the effort...for real.

Download of this File/Recipe is available incur Ship

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