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Seared Salmon with Ginger and Soy Marinade

Themes - Gracious and Good, Level Up

Food/Tech Tie In – Marinading, Searing Fish

Homage - N/A

How good is Salmon? So good, that I measure when I need to make a market run, by how much I have left in my freezer. Yup, Im that chick. I buy full pieces that have been scaled and fileted, with the skin still on, portion them out Here In My Kitchen and freeze the 2” cuts so I can get my salmon game on when the spirit moves me. Yes I know how to scale and filet fish, but…others do it better and faster.

With so many ways to prep and prepare, my "go to" is one that is now the preference of my BFF Renata who I made this dish for when I visited her at her upstate New York abode, on top of a mountain, close to Woodstock, yup, that Woodstock, and an orchard that's also a yinery (can we say yay us 🍷!) and she now makes for herself in her Harlem kitchen. Its a little (a lot) smaller than the one upstate, but no less productive.

99% of the time, I marinade my salmon. The marinade goes from simple sesame oil or olive oil, lemon and tarragon, to more elaborate concoctions that Level Up the Salmon Searing game incorporating ginger, brown sugar for taste and caramelization, and other ingredients that help bring the "Good Good" to the table...but marinade I do.

A hot pan, some veg oil, and patience, are all you need as…when you Sear Salmon right, the only trace of Salmon left in your kitchen, is the smile on your face after you have enjoyed everything that is sooo good about it.

Leveling Up IS Whats Up Y'all!

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Love this one! It’s now my go to for Salmon.

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