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Mixed Mashed Potato Pancakes

Themes - Gracious and Good, No Food Left Behind

Food/Tech Tie In – Left Over Potatoes. Left Over Potato Scraps.

One if my favorite vegetables, yes vegetables…is the potato. Sweet, Idaho, Red, Russet, Purple, Yokon Gold, Okinawan, it matters not, Im a fan of them all. Growing up, in our home, we largely consumed Idaho potatoes, baked, mashed and in potato salad (I would only eat my Nanas) and Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes went from simply baked with all of its natural sugary goodness letting you know it was present as it seeped out in the oven, to a sweet potato pie full of special occasion hugs and kisses that always came with desert and celebrations.

While I carry on many traditions from those special occasions, I have brought a few twists of my own to the table. Some require special equipment like a mandoline, others a piping bag and yet others, just a sharp knife. For wherever the culinary creativity takes me, from time to time Ill have ends and pieces that didn’t make it into the main dish or an extra potato or two of a couple of varieties. Here In My Kitchen, in a “No Food Left Behind” kind of world, this extra bounty, opens door to a new flavor filled opportunity, in this case “Mixed Mashed Potato Pancakes”. Add a dallop of sour cream enhanced with a little garlic….and Im here to tell you…it is some kind of good.

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