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Lavash Crackers

Themes - Gracious and Good, Level Up -

Food/Tech Tie in: Leavened cracker making -

Homage – CPCC Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Dept Head - Chef Kimberly Stoll

The first time I made crackers, was in Culinary School. This is key as, as a kid, I had my share of the boxed crackers that most of us know, but as an adult, other than for the occasional fete that drove me to purchased them, I didn’t buy or eat crackers on the regular, never thought about making them, and had no plans to include them in the “things I now make as a Culinarian”. But my oh my, in the 2nd levels of baking, when we got to a leavened cracker topped with poppy seeds and such called Lavash, (pronounced Lah-Vahsh) the game changed. Even the name was on another level. Add on the fact that I was able to use a “docker” when making it to suppress rising when baking, made it better.

FYI “Buttah”, makes everything “Bettah”, but a docker is a nice 2nd. Did I mention “I stop for cool tools?” I do.

I invite you to join the Lavash fun I enjoy, Here In My Kitchen, and grab “your” docker (in its simplest form “a fork”) some flour, yeast, seeds, smoked paprika, and lets level up.

Download of this File/Recipe is available in our Shop.

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