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Grits...A Memory! Grit Medallion with Pulled Braised Pork and Mild Chili Paste Sauce.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Themes - Gracious and Good, Next Steps, Level Up

Food/Tech Tie In – Panning/Cutting Grits, Chili Paste Sauce, Braising Pork, Reducing Jus

Homage - Pulled Pork Chef Chayil Johnson IG @chef_of_valor25

Sunday mornings on Winthrop Terrace were filled with the aroma of bacon, eggs, toast and my favorite, Clarissa’s (Ma’s) creamy grits, made from finely ground corn, bringing it all together.

To this day, I can hear her humming at a very high octave, that when I was older made me close one eye (as if that could create a sound buffer) but as a kid, was one of the sweetest sounds in my little girl world. My job was to make the orange juice. Its was frozen, from concentrate, in a can, (super modern) and we loved it. If we were being fancy we had English muffins, but most often, it was toasted Wonderbread. Even on a Sunday morning, with grits bubbling, bacon frying and scrambled eggs…well, being scrambled, she made sure she had on a swipe of her frosted orange lipstick, another sign along with the soon to be consumed grits, that all was right with the world.

Here In My kitchen, using a variety of grinds and colors, grits become the base of many meals, from a steamy breakfast bowl with Spicy Turkey Sausage crumbles to appetizers and main dishes such as Medallions topped with Braised Pull Pork and Mild Chili Paste Sauce. carrying with it, the gift of the memory of Clarissa’s warm hug.

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