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Falafel With a Twist

Theme - Gracious and Good, No Food Left Behind -

Food/Tech Tie In: Falafel Making -

Homage – Chef Yotam Ottolenghi

I remember when I first fell in love with Falafel. It was the 80”s in New York City’s garment district at a spot called Jerusalem II. Known for kosher pizza, I decided to try something different, their falafel sandwich. That taste, that texture, was everything. No chips needed.

I have had falafel around the world. I have tried it premade, semi-homemade, boxed and frozen. Many were good, but none came as close to that 80’s introduction, as the riff I now do Here In My Kitchen based on a recently found and embraced, middle eastern recipe.

If falafel is your jam, check it out.

Download of this File/Recipe is available in our Shop.

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