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Creamy 7 Minute Egg - Free

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Food/Tech Tie In – Semi Hard Cooked Egg in Steamer

What I have come to appreciate after many years of cooking eggs in every possible way is, anytime of the day, is a great time for an egg.

Here In My Kitchen, where I've tried 5 ways from Sunday to find the best method to prepare an egg cooked in its shell with a yoke that's not too runny but not quite hard or solid, I have landed on my new favorite, the Creamy 7 Minute Egg, compete with a trip to the steamer. Applause…Applause…Jazz Hands!

Timer in hand, an ice bath at the ready, after 7 mins in the egg spa, the eggs take the plunge, being peeled shortly thereafter. Sliced in half, their warm, slightly soft, rich, gold, flavorful yolk, is quite the thing to behold. The Creamy 7 min Egg is perfect for paring with lox, avocado, or, on its own served with a little cracked pepper and smoked salt. FYI…a dallop of caviar on top with a glass of prosecco on the side, never hurt anyone…so Ive been told.

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