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Coco Loco Roasted Cauliflower

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Food/Tech Tie In – Cauliflower, Prep, Mix, Roast

Homage - Well Fed Magazine

At some point it will be obvious, I like vegetables. In liking vegetables, I want you to know, I like cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and in this instance, cauliflower, which are staples Here In My Kitchen. I will even admit, I will purchase convenience versions if and when, the fresher lest manicured versions are not…looking so good. Thats how much I like them. That said, the majority of time Im buying it flower to stalk and using all parts in various ways. (Heads Up - Don’t throw the stalks out. They are magical)

The Coco Loco Roasted Cauliflower came out of my at one time, Paleo journey. The base recipe was from a magazine that may be currently out of print but was impactful and if memory serves me right, was full of the most beautiful food shots. As with most recipes I have picked up over the years, I tweak and evolve them, giving the version I serve, my own twist, to suit my palette, which currently seems to always beckon for “more”…flavor that is.

The Cocoa Powder, Cumin, Coriander, Sumac, Onions etc…work together in roasted harmony, producing a flavor profile that on the one hand is familiar, but makes you tilt your head a little cause you know, there is just something a little different, a little special about it. Here In My Kitchen…that’s whats up.

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