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Blender Crustless Spinach Quiche

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Food/Tech Tie In – Mixing Quiche liquid filling in a blender

Back in the day, when things like the Preppy Hand Book were poured over and a Lacoste Polo was an aspirational “get”, this magical dish, a mixture of eggs, cream, and cheese, poured and baked in the flakiest crust imaginable, became part of our brunch considerations when my friend group would meet up at a big hotel to take advantage of their Sunday breakfast buffet, complete with endless mimosas. It was a “big” deal, if one of us actually made a quiche at home. In our minds, it was serious kitchen time, to make dough from scratch (most often it was rolled out from a rectangular box. Don’t hate…it was good), and to whip eqqs and cream…ok milk, to a frothy delight with a fork as…we were not woke to whisks as yet. Swiss cheese, spinach, mushrooms and other bits that would meet or exceed our hotel brunch experience, were layered in and then baked. Imagine my surprise when I went to live in Paris and experienced quiche on a whole other level…but I digress.

Today, many of us are still connected as part of that friend group. On more than one occasion it has been my turn to host and share dishes that I know folks will vibe. My quiche game is strong. While I can deliver on the flaky crust, the use of crème fraiche, the best gruyere, Here In My Kitchen, my everyday, Simple With a Twist Blender version of a Crustless Quiche, wins favor hands down everytime.

FYI…I have whisks now, lots of whisks. Just sayin’

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