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Black Pepper, Brown Butter Biscuits

Themes - Gracious and Good, Level up

Food/Tech Tie In – Biscuit Making

Homage - Chef Carla Hall, Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Chef Greg Collier, Callies Little Biscuits

Waking up in the morning to the breath of a new day, I began thinking of those times when my Nana dusted the kitchen table in preparation for making friends of flour, butter, milk and the likes, that she cut into biscuits with a water glass. When they went into the oven, eggs & sausage started making “good noise” in the pans. That signified breakfast would shortly be in full swing. As much as I looked forward to the contents of the pans making their way to my plate, truth be told, I was really there for that warm, flaky, lightly browned delight…the biscuit.

Here In My Kitchen, they get elevated by ground black pepper, cream cheese, buttermilk and such. With each bite, Im back in Nanas kitchen, a cup of cocoa as a kid, coffee as an adult, watching my grandmother, watch me with a mouth full of goodness, smile and say… “mmmm, this’ good Nana.”

Round or Square, with added Cracked Black Pepper, Brown Butter and such, the biscuit game has leveled up.

Download of this File/Recipe is available in our Shop.

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