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Get All The "Good Good"

Peel to Fruit, Flower to Stem and beyond, HereInMyKitchen, it is an intention to utilize every part of the food that makes its way in the door, be it from a local farmer selling seasonal product or a neighborhood grocery store.


Those broccoli and cauliflower stems make the most amazing soft tortillas and breakfast cups, the chicken bones combined with vegetables that are on the edge of “sunsetting”, along with fresh garlic and onions (including the skin)…net broth like nobody business. Every piece of a red, yellow or orange pepper is julienned or small diced, with unused portions frozen to be incorporated in another dish at another time. .


I wont stay on this soap box long but I think we agree, food is precious, more impactfully, nutritious food is precious. Through food we can heal ourselves, our spirit and others. I embrace that and honor the responsibility I have, to minimizing as much food waste as possible. ‘Nuff said. 

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