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The Story of...

What are those stories, those memories, those moments that conjure up amazing smells, incredible tastes, a great meal, that time when…

HereInMyKitchen, Gracious and Good is where I share a little sumpin’ sumpin’ that connects to, a particular ingredient or elements of a meal, be it when I fell in love with Falafel, my brothers love of Italian food, or the heart print moments made by Ma (Clarissa) and Nana (Ester) as I nestled up to them shoulder to hip. They created all kinds of goodness in their kitchens, making those pots talk. Ok, sometimes I just sat and ate, but you feel me.


When we are in our kitchens we are not there alone. We bring to the cutting board, the pan, and the table, all of those memories, real, enhanced and imagined, built on the love of good food. 

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