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Sautéed Long Beans with Wild Mushrooms

Themes - Gracious and Good, Next Steps

Food/Tech Tie In – Blanching, Sauteing, Rehydration

Green beans or Pole beans, fresh is what im speaking of, are a fairly non-offensive vegetable. Short of turning them into paste (doable and a consideration for another dish), they are clearly recognizable in most dishes, but in need a little help if you eat them on the regular like I do Here In My Kitchen.

We are so fortunate in North Carolina to have varieties available to us which are easily found at our various Farmers Markets (shout out "Charlotte Regional Farmers Market", check out their FB page). These markets have a combination of produce sold directly by the farmer or sold by those that collect from various small farms. The diversity shows up not only in the varieties of Pole beans, think, green, yellow, flat, but in the cultural lens that influences “what other varieties will be offered”. That just brings me joy, (full hand-clasp here).

Long beans aka, pea beans, snake beans, etc...are one of these culturally influenced varieties and true to its name, can be up to a yard in length. What I have purchased has typically been closer to 12”, and is only available seasonally to most. When I see them, I jump on them as if I have no behavior (y’all know what that means). With their beanie flavor, and the right technique applied (blanching for starters) an amazing flavor profile can be created and dare I say…a beautiful presentation, with re-hydrated wild mushrooms and or the accoutrements of your choice added in.

Lets “get those culinary Next Steps in” with some long bean magic my foodie friends!

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