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Broccoli, Cauli, Jalapeño Cups - From Flower to Stalk

Themes - Gracious and Good, No Food Left Behind

Food/Tech Tie In – Cruciferous Vegetable Ricing, Steaming, Creating Cups

Homage - CPCC Healthy Futures Dept - Chef John LeTour

I want to use The Food, The Whole Food and Nothing but The Food. Prior to Culinary School, no prior to meeting Chef John LaTour and volunteering in his Healthy Futures program at Culinary School, I too was a stalk thrower…out-er. Shade and shame I know, but as they say “tell the truth, shame the devil”. Through Chef John’s program, where cooks from various child-care centers around the greater Charlotte area, came to monthly classes, learned how to do more with what they had, learned to how to provide options with a higher nutrition value and, to do it in a a way that children would one of his kitchen assistants, I learned a few things myself and will be forever grateful.

Breakfast cups be they egg, broccoli etc…go in and out of favor as does so much in our culinary world. In an effort to keep things interesting and folks coming back to the restaurant, table, book, site…Culinarians want to push flavor profiles forward and/or sometimes, just do something…different. Im one of them.

Here In My Kitchen, this version of Broccoli and Cauliflower Cups, takes it beyond the breakfast table. With its leveled up savory-ness, one can enjoy these any time of the day or evening. As a snack, a side to any meal, warmed up or room temp. With that little pop of Jalapeño, they are “the truth”. I believe I have done Chef John proud.

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